Family or Company party tent rentals in Michigan
Date: May 14, 2010 By: Clinton Rideaux
Grand Rapids party tent rental is a company based out of west Michigan that has tents ready to set up for any sized party. Whether it is a small family get together or a large company party A1 Tent rental has the ability to set up enough tents necessary for the occasion. I rented tents from A1 tent rental for both of my sons’ graduation parties in previous years and plan on renting from them again this summer for another Grand Rapids party tent rental. The tents where perfect, we were able to seat everyone out from underneath the hot sun and able to kick back and relax while enjoying the nice summer weather.
Your Affordable Plumbing-discount coupon
Date: May 14, 2010 By: David H.
Getting good, affordable, professional plumbing, particularly in West Michigan, it seems, can be more or less of a crap shoot. There are some really good Sewer and drain service contractors Grand Rapids , and there are some that are somewhat sub par. I made a couple calls around, and ended up putting my money with Your Affordable Plumbing. They came out for a pipe inspection and did some water jetting and who knows what else, but the backups I was dealing with were taken care of at one of the best rates around I could find. By the way, if you go to their web Sewer and drain service contractors Grand Rapids , there's a $20 discount coupon right off the bat.‎ They treated me fairly and I recommend that you give them a try and they may become Your Plumbing company!
Your Affordable Plumbing-Western Michigan
Date: May 14, 2010 By: Dick Plumper
If you live any where in the Western Michigan area and are in need of plumbing service their is one Sewer and drain service contractors Grand Rapids that in my experience stands above the rest. The company I am speaking of is called Your Affordable Plumbing. The name would be a bit more accurate if they were called Your Affordable Quality Plumbing! They can do it all, including commercial and residential work,complete drain cleaning,high pressure water jetting and even video pipe inspection! No matter where in West Michigan you are Sewer and drain service contractors Grand Rapids I strongly suggest you give them a call. They have always treated me well and the stand behind their work.
Diverse Sounds-wedding
Date: May 14, 2010 By: Joe Morales
I recently attended a very good friends wedding and reception. When I say very good friend I mean I was the best man. The groom asked me to help him with some of the arrangements. I am not much for picking out flowers or table decorations but I do know a great Disc jockey Grand Rapids. I called my friend Jim Batchelder the owner of Diverse Sounds and he did his normal great job of providing music for the reception. In all of West Michigan I doubt there is a more experienced DJ. Jim and his people at Diverse Sounds have performed over 1600 weddings in Grand Rapids and surrounding areas. Diverse Sounds come prepared with a 10,000 + song collection and the very best in sound reproduction equipment. If your Disc jockey Grand Rapids for a DJ in the West Michigan area I strongly suggest you give Jim and his good people at Diverse Sounds a try.
Diverse Sounds-Anniversary Party
Date: May 14, 2010 By: Bill Moore
If you have great memories of your wedding reception you may want to try something that worked wonderfully for me. The occasion was my and my wife's tenth wedding anniversary. As you can imagine I wanted to do something special to celebrate the occasion. What I came up with was a second wedding reception. I contacted the same Disc jockey Grand Rapids we had used for our first reception. His name is Jim and he and his company Diverse Sounds were still going strong, over 1600 receptions and parties in the West Michigan area and counting. I attempted to rent the same hall here in Grand Rapids but that was not available. A call to Jim the DJ gave me a lead to a hall that was the perfect size and location. I had tried to keep this a surprise from my wife but that didn't last long. Once she found out she was totally on board. What we ended up with was a great evening in which many of our friends here in the west Michigan area were able to attend. They all seemed to enjoy the fact that we were able to get the Disc jockey Grand Rapids of the same DJ we had at our wedding. Dancing to many of the same songs as we had ten years ago brought back many wonderful memories. The important thing is my lovely wife was very happy and we all had a great time so It might be just the thing for you also!
West Michigan Transmission Rebuilds
Date: May 14, 2010 By: Allen Young
The state certified technicians at Grand Rapids transmission made good use of their diagnostic equipment when looking at my car. I had originally brought my car to another west Michigan transmission repair shop and was told I needed a transmission replacement. Thank goodness I got a second opinion from Transmission Repair West MI . They fixed my car for much less than the other shop that will remain nameless quoted me,and ever since it has been running great! The people who work there were so honest with me that I would recommend that any one needing work done make use of the free diagnostic service they offer. Just give them a Transmission Repair West MI . They fix foreign and domestic cars there. The reason I mention this is I have a Saab and the price was still very reasonable. If you think about it for something as potentially expensive as transmission repair it only makes sense to shop around. The place to start is Grand Rapids Transmission inc.
Grand Rapids Michigan Transmission Repair Shop
Date: May 14, 2010 By: Ronald King
I'm the owner of a custom four by four and recently had some trouble with my clutch. I brought it to a transmission repair chain store place to be looked at. They told me that they don't work on let alone guarantee their work on custom trucks like mine. I got in touch with the person I had bought the truck from and he suggested Transmission Repair West MI . Since they do custom work in there shop they said no problem. They also told me that they always guaranteed their work. If your looking to have some custom work done you should really check Transmission Repair West MI . While I was there talking with the technicians I notice that they had a bunch of pictures on the wall of custom work they have done. The guys that work there are really into custom work and own some fine vehicles themselves. So if your looking for a high performance rebuild or just need clutch resurfacing like I did you should give them a call.
Williamsburg pest control
Date: May 14, 2010 By: Sammy Pizzo
Hogarth's Pest Control has 24-Hour Emergency Services. This recently came in Williamsburg pest control handy. My dog barking one night woke me and the wife when I went to look we had two raccoons in the house! I called Hogarth's and a very professional pest control technician was soon to arrive. He took care of the problem quickly and was very nice. I would recommend this company to anyone that needs pest control. They were so friendly considering the time of night that I Williamsburg pest control them. I can only imagine who nice they would be if you called them during the day!
Hogarth's Pest Control-certified
Date: May 14, 2010 By: Steve Phillips
If your looking for a Michigan based pest control company I recommend Hogarth's Pest Control. They are located in Williamsburg, MI and service a 12 county Traverse City pest control including Beaver Island. As a business that has been around since 1996 they work closely with the customer to identify, diagnose and treat to resolve the problem. Hogarth’s Pest Control is a member of the Michigan and National Pest Control Associations. All Traverse City pest control are certified through the State of Michigan Department of Agriculture as well as being certified in Integrated Pest Management. Hogarth's Pest Controls commitment to training, knowledge of the latest in technology and continuing education is the reason why I will continue to use the expert service.
Cedarfield Self Storage-moved
Date: May 13, 2010 By: Happy Camper
I recently moved into a much smaller home than I previously owned, but couldn’t bring myself to part with many of the items that I eventually want to make room for after I build a new addition on my home. In West Michigan, it’s hard to find good, reliable, secure self storage rental space. I chose Cedarfield Self Storage, though, and have been very pleased. Their facility is in a great location, just south of the Cedarfield manufactured home community in Cedar Springs. It is a safe, secure place for me to keep my belongings for the time being. Their rates are exceptional, and with 365 day a year access, I know that I will always be able to access my belongings if I need to.
Cedarfield Self Storage-pack rat
Date: May 13, 2010 By: Michelle W.
I’ll be the first to admit that I’m a complete pack rat. I find it hard to get rid of much of anything, but sometimes you just have to clean some things out. Rather than sort through what I wanted to keep and get rid of right then and there, I decided to put some things in storage. I figure, hey, if I don’t find myself missing it, I can just get rid of it. Anyway, being in West Michigan, it’s difficult to find a good self storage unit. I have had great success, though with Cedarfield Self Storage of Cedar Springs, Michigan. They are open 365 days a year for your convenience.
Diekevers Roofing-Family
Date: May 13, 2010 By: Anthony Raush
When I do business I prefer when ever possible to use a family owned company. If they are Grand Rapids commercial roofer here in West Michigan then all the better. So when I needed the roof on my home replaced I started looking. The company I found was Diekevers Roofing. They have been in business here in Grand Rapids, Mi since 1968. The gentleman who came out to home told me " When you accept our bid you'll take comfort in knowing that your Grand Rapids commercial roofer will be completed in a timely manner with exceptional craftsmanship. Our employees are trained to install a variety of roofing systems and we offer lengthy warranties for both our commercial flat roofs and our residential shingle roofs." I think he knew he had my business by then! So the work was done on time and price and they did an excellent job of cleaning up after them selves. I suggest you give them a try,I was very impressed and I think you will be also.
Diekevers Roofing-Quality
Date: May 13, 2010 By: Dylan Zimmerman
There are many local roofing companies here in West Michigan. As I looked through the list of Grand Rapids commercial roofer companies in Grand Rapids on the Internet there was something that caught my eye. That is that the Diekevers Roofing company has been family owned and run since 1968. Now there is another company that claims to be older and still family run here in Grand Rapids. But after a little checking I learned that the employees there actually lie to the customers about what their last name is! Can you imagine trusting some one to do quality work for you when they actually lie about their own name! Well I imagine a fool might like to give his money to that type of person. I am not a fool. I spoke with some knowledgeable friends in the building industry and they strongly recommended the Grand Rapids commercial roofer Roofing Company. I called them up they came out and gave me a quote. The price certainly seemed to be in line so I gave them the go ahead. The rest of the story is simple I got the quality of workmanship I was looking for. I do recommend them to any one who needs some roofing work done.
Green Rock Landscape Supply-office building
Date: May 13, 2010 By: Dave Holland
We just had our office building grounds landscaped, and what a difference! We Grand Rapids landscape supply it all, mulch, dirt, boulders, and many other landscape materials.They Green Rock Landscape Supply delivered everything to us from there Rockford Michigan location. If you like we did need it all to have your project completed then they are the company to use. I had the pleasure of visiting there location and believe me when they say they have it all they mean it! We have clients Grand Rapids landscape supply us all the time. I even enjoy coming into work more. LOL Thank-you Green Rock Landscape Supply for all your help and expertise.
Legend Services, Inc.-Design
Date: May 13, 2010 By: George Duke
With summer just around the corner I began looking for landscape design company here in west Michigan. As normal I started my search on the Internet looking at reviews of landscaping companies located here in the Grand Rapids area. One company that caught my Landscaping Grand Rapids was Legend Services, Inc. The pictures of their work shown on their website convinced me to give them a call to inquire about there design services. What I found in working with Landscaping Grand Rapids was a staff of designers,consultants and installers that are professional, friendly, and courteous. I was given a list of work they had done in the West Michigan area and was able see some of it for myself first hand. I am very excited to have them put into effect the plan there landscape designers came up with. Some day people will drive by my home and be impressed by the work I had done!
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